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"I love working with Tiffany, she has a wealth of information and as well as a cutting edge coaching method that is causing me to expand and build an effective brand. She's a gem."

- Sabrina Smith

Tiffany A Green-Hood

She is that no nonsense coach, author, entrepreneur and content creator. Tiffany takes no stops when it come to self-publishing and building author brands. Being in the literary industry since 2007 when she created Black Writers Space to support writers and authors was only the beginning. Relocating to Atlanta in 2017 and could not find a job was exactly the push she needed that brought her to start exposing everything she knew about the freedom and wealth of self-publishing. Since then she has created TA Media, a publishing and coaching platform to educate black authors on building real author brands that produce wealth. You can find her on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook @blackwritersspace. Tiffany's latest creation is Published & Black Magazine. In pursuit of celebrating black authors she plans to provide amazing opportunities for authors to get published increase their visibility across the globe. Today Tiffany has built a community of over 50,000 authors and has over 200 videos with content created to launch publishers, CEO's, change lives, build legacies and increase bank accounts.